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EXPOLINGUA Online 2021: Prize-Draw Super-Memo!

Join the Prize-Draw! 12 months of access to all Premium courses at SuperMemo! (Worth 118 €)

SuperMemo is an award-winning webservice and app to learn languages. There are over 200 digital courses to learn 21 languages in the SuperMemo catalogue that the winner can choose from! The most spectacular course is "Olive Green" - a general English course based on a full-feature interactive action film. Other types of publications in SuperMemo include vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and courses for kids. All the courses are powered by the SuperMemo method of spaced repetition and contain native speakers' recordings. It is possible to learn online via the webservice, as well as in the SuperMemo app for Android, iOS and PC computers with Windows.

We wish you good luck! Registration deadline: November 20, 2021!


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