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Spoken Arabic for Foreigners – A presentation by Prof. Moin Halloun

18.02.2022, 15:00 – 15:45

The online seminar will focus on Prof. Halloun’s publication “Spoken Arabic for Foreigners”, published by the Semitic Languages Institute. The author will explain the structure of the book, that aims to lead to three important points needed to learn any language, to: love the language, build the confidence of the student, and feel progress after each lesson.
The presentation will explain the reason behind using simple transliteration system at the beginning without ignoring the Arabic script later. Moreover, it will show a new approach about how to overcome the verb system, which is the most difficult point in teaching Arabic.

Prof. Halloun is a specialist in Semitic languages and dialectology and teaches Arabic at Bethlehem University. He has published dozens of research papers and articles in his field, as well as many textbooks, dictionaries, and lexicons.


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